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Buffet # 1 225 kr

Butter & bread.
Skagenbakelse topped with rum
Limegravad salmon with pickled ginger,
preserved and roasted sesame seeds
Chicken breast with potato salad vinaigrette
Carpaccio of roasted Sirloin steak with basil, parmesan and olive oil
Italian marinated vegetables

Buffet # 2 265 kr

Butter & bread.
Skagenbakelse topped with rum
Smoked salmon with a salad of spinach, asparagus and parmesan
Chicken breast with peperoni
Carpaccio of roasted Sirloin steak with basil, parmesan and olive oil
Unmixed Greek Salad with feta cheese, olives, tomato, lettuce, onion and cucumber
Potato salad vinaigrette

Buffet No.  3 (Italian buffet) 315 kr

Focaccia & grissinipinnar
Marinated vegetables on kronärtsskocka, eggplant, peppers, capers, and zucchini
Garlic marinated mushrooms
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad
Salami & pepperoni
Parma ham with melon
Bresaolaknyten with cream cheese filling
Vitello tonato
Pasta salad
Potato salad
Talleggioost with biscuits

Buffet # 4 345 kr

Butter & bread
Löjromssked with red onion and sour cream
Canapé on peeled prawns with dill mayonnaise
Roasted fillet of beef with baked cherry tomatoes,
Basil and grated parmesan cheese
Cocktail skewer with mozzarella and tomato
Potato salad vinaigrette

Buffet # 5 (Starter & main course buffet) 465 kr

Appetizer: Gurklindad skagenbakelse topped with caviar

Main course: Roast, cold beef tenderloin with Herb-baked cherry tomatoes, Basil and grated Parmesan cheese, tomato & mozzarella cheese and potato salad vinaigrette

Buffet # 6 "Buffet" 195 kr

Grissinipinnar (Bread if desired)
Small skagenbakelse
Flatbread stump with gravlax & mustard sauce
Limemarinerad salmon with ginger on a spit
Löjromssked with red onion and sour cream
Bresaolaknyte with cream cheese filling
Chicken slice with caesarkräm
Cube of roasted Sirloin steak with parmesan cheese and tomato

Buffet # 7 (roast hot buffet) 295 kr
Barbecued Hot Buffet:
Roast Sirloin and Roasted pork tenderloin with: barbeque sauce Aioli-Onion-Tomato-Peperoni-Oliver-feta cheese-Fried straw potatoes or fried rice.
Butter & bread.


Of course, you can delete or add to any dish, if desired, or build your own buffet:

Skagenbakelse 50:-

Limegravad salmon with pickled ginger 45:-

Smoked salmon with dill mayonnaise 65:-

Bresaolaknyten with färskostkräm 30:-

Tomato and mozzarella 20:-

Canapé with scaled crab and Dill mayonnaise daily price

Sirloin steak with baked cherry tomatoes and parmesan, 65:-

ROE in the spoon with the sour cream and onion, 95:-

Cube of roasted beef with parmesan and tomato 50:-

Flatbread roll with marinated salmon and mustard sauce 35:-

Potato salad with vinegrette 18:-

Potato salad with mayonnaise 20:-

Quinoa with seasonal vegetables 25:-

Pasta salad 15:-

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